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World's most portable software platform

Kha is a complete software platform and development environment based on the Haxe programming language for CPU code and the ANGLE GLSL compiler for GPU code. It is extremely fast and extremely portable - desktop, browser, mobile, video game consoles, it's all in. Thanks to the game development experience of KTX (developers of the Dreamcast shooter Redux and the Unreal powered Haunted) Kha sits just on top of the lowest level APIs available on the respective system and all code is compiled to the native language of the target platform, which results in small, fast and dependency-free executables. Kha is an excellent platform for games (and even includes a complete 2D game engine) and all other kinds of self-contained apps. Check out Kha's features and the ever growing list of supported systems.

Kha is available under the very permissive zlib license at Github.
Also visit our tech blog.

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